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MAS - Photo competitions

MAS Photo Competition
The MAS Astro Photo Competition is a new event that we hope to run every year. The winners (and runner up) images will be posed here.

Covid 19 Update - the Competition is cancelled for this MAS year (to Sept 2021)

Note that the Competition is open to members only for images taken on their own equipment during the current competition year. All photos feature an extra-terrestrial subject :-) Entry closes end of May and winners are announced at the June AGM. Further details available on joining (and in the Members (login) section).

All rights reserved, all photos Copyright individual members of MAS

(-)  7 Jun 2019 2019 Photo Competition Winners - (all categories)

Photo: ../Photo_Competition/photos/2019-06-xx_Winner-Moon-category_Matt-L.jpgPhoto: ../Photo_Competition/photos/2019-06-xx_RunnerUp-Moon-category_Tony-T.jpg
Winner, Moon Category - Matt L (left)

     (right) Runner up, Moon Category - Tony T

Photo: ../Photo_Competition/photos/2019-06-xx_Winner-Sun-category_Percy-K.jpgPhoto: ../Photo_Competition/photos/2019-06-xx_RunnerUp-Sun-category_Tim-H.jpg
Winner, Sun Category - Percy K (left)

  (right) Runner up, Sun Category - Tim H

Photo: ../Photo_Competition/photos/2019-06-xx_Winner-Planets-category_Percy-K.jpgPhoto: ../Photo_Competition/photos/2019-06-xx_RunnerUp-Planets-category_Jo-K.jpg
Winner, Planets category - Percy K (left)

  (right) Runner up, Planets Category - Jo K

Photo: ../Photo_Competition/photos/2019-06-xx_Winner-DeepSky-category_Alun-H.jpgPhoto: ../Photo_Competition/photos/2019-06-xx_RunnerUp-DeepSky-category_Peter-H.jpg
Winner, Deep Sky category - Alun H (left)
and Overall Winner of the Susan Flinders Memorial Trophy

  (right) Runner up, DeepSky Category - Peter H

Photo: ../Photo_Competition/photos/2019-06-xx_Winner-Art-category_Jo-K.jpgPhoto: ../Photo_Competition/photos/2019-06-xx_RunnerUp-Art-category_Andy-T.jpg
Winner, Art category - Jo K (left)

  (right) Runner up, Art Category - Andy T

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(+)  2 Jun 2017 2017 Photo Competition Winners - (all categories)

(+)  3 Jun 2016 2016 Photo Competition Winners - (all categories)