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The MAS Constitution

Our Constitution (as ammended June 2014 AGM)

History: Version 1.0, June 2009 (authors Martin Andrews (Chairman), David Herron (Membership Secretary)). Version 1.1, 2014 AGM (changes to section 5(c) removing one Committee post and adding 2 new (see below) was adopted by unanimous vote. Specifically :- "In 5(c) "(c) The Committee will comprise a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Meetings Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Membership Secretary, Catering Manager, Librarian, Webmaster and Publicity Officer." Change: 'Newsletter Editor,' to: 'Observing Organizer, Outreach Organizer,'
Maidenhead Astronomical Society Constitution.
1. TITLE The name of the Society is "Maidenhead Astronomical Society". 2. OBJECTIVES The objective of the Society is to provide a forum where those interested in Astronomy may meet and share their mutual interest. Additionally: a) To encourage and advance public interest in the science of astronomy. b) To help beginners acquire a knowledge of the fundamentals of astronomy. c) To encourage observational work within the power and means of Society members. d) To produce and circulate a Society Newsletter and such other communications from time to time as may be desirable. e) To establish and maintain a library of Astronomical books, magazines and other media. f) To keep in touch with developments in and information about Astronomy and communicate such developments to Society members. g) To organise lectures, presentations and similar activities open to both members and non-members (upon signing of the membership register and inclusion of their address in the case of non-members). 3. MEMBERSHIP. a) Subject to the provision of rule 3(c), any person may become a member upon making application on the prescribed form, and paying such subscription fee as shall be determined by the Committee. b) Honorary Life Members. The Committee may admit to life membership without subscription any person who has, in the opinion of the Committee, rendered outstanding service to the Society. c) The Committee may at their discretion refuse an application for membership, or may suspend or cancel the membership of any person. A person so suspended may, if he or she so desires, appear before the Committee in order to appeal against the decision, if that person gives notice of such a request to either the Chairman or Membership Secretary. Page 2. 4. SUBSCRIPTION a) The annual subscription of members may be such a sum as the Committee may from time to time determine. b) All annual subscriptions shall become due on 1st September in each year. c) The annual subscription of each member for his/her first year shall be the full amount where enrolment occurs between 1st September to 31st January and one half of a full subscription thereafter. 5 THE COMMITTEE a) The Management of the Society shall be vested in a governing body to be known as "The Committee". b) The Committee may invite as Patron any person of standing within or without the Society who supports the objectives of the Society. c) The Committee will comprise a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Meetings Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Catering Manager, Librarian, Webmaster, Observing Organizer, Outreach Organizer and Publicity Officer. d) The Committee shall be elected according to rule 6. e) Any member of the Committee may hold more than one office, but not more than two. f) The Committee may fill any vacancy in the Committee which may occur between one Annual General Meeting and the next; any person so appointed shall serve until the next Annual General Meeting. g) The Committee may, in the interests of the Society as they deem proper, co-opt additional members thereunto. Members so co-opted shall have no voting rights upon the Committee. h) The Committee may, as it sees fit, appoint sub-committees from members of the Society. i) The Committee shall regulate their own procedures, including the frequency and venue of their meetings. Five Committee members, one of whom must be the Chairman or Vice-Chairman, shall form a quorum. j) On any decision issue in the course of a meeting of the Committee, any member of the Committee may request of the Chairman that a vote be taken. At the discretion of the Chairman the vote shall be either on a show of hands or ballot. k) In any case, the Chairman shall have no voting rights other than to resolve a decision in deadlock after a vote. l) The Committee shall keep in the name of the Society a savings account into which all of the Society's monies shall be paid. m) Cheques drawn in the business of the Society shall be signed by any two of three persons appointed for the purpose by the Committee. The Treasurer shall be one of the three persons appointed. Page 3. 6 ELECTION OF THE COMMITTEE a) All members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve for one year, and be elegible for re-election after that time. b) The Committee may nominate members for election. c) Any two members of the Society shall be entitled to propose another member of the Society for election, together with that third party's consent. d) Nominations shall open following an announcement to such effect to be made at the normal May meeting of the Society. 7 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The Annual General Meeting shall, except where the Committee may otherwise decide, be held in the month of June in each year, for the purpose of receiving and adopting the report of the Committee; to include the Treasurer's statement of the Society's accounts for the year ending 31st May; and for any other business that may require the decision of the whole Society, in which case only those paid-up members may vote. 8 EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING The Committee may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for any purpose, whenever it deems it necessary, upon giving all members one calender month's notice, which shall include the reason for the meeting. The Committee shall cause an EGM to be held following the receipt by the Membership Secretary of a request signed by not less than one third of the paid-up membership, stating fully the reasons for which it is required. The Membership Secretary shall then give at least one month's notice to all members. No business shall be transacted at any such meeting other than that specified in the notice, and only paid-up members present may vote. 9 DISSOLUTION OF THE SOCIETY Dissolution of the Society would require a Resolution of the Annual General Meeting or of an Extraordinary General Meeting carried by a two-thirds majority of those members present. In this event, after satisfying all liabilities, if there remains any monies or property, this shall be paid or transferred solely to promote the objectives set out under Rule 2, according to the wishes of the majority of paid-up members. Page 4. 10 AMENDMENTS TO THIS CONSTITUTION AND RULES. No amendments shall be made to this Constitution and Rules, except on a Resolution of the Annual General Meeting or of an Extraordinary General Meeting, carried by two-thirds of those members present. 11 REPEALS From and after the date of the adoption of this Constitution and Rules, the above shall become effective, and all previous Constitutions and Rules, either formal or assumed, shall be revoked. ends.