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MAS - the weather

MAS Weather
The English Weather is, of course, something that defeats even the most determined and prepared astronomer :-(

So before loading the car and rushing off to our latest Public Viewing Event / Observing Evening, you might want to check your chances of actually seeing anything in the sky when you arrive !

Weather forecast for Maidenhead area (SL6) tonight

Weather web sites

Metcheck (see above) Maidenhead SL6 forecasts at 3Hr intervals for up to 7 days. Aimed at astronomers with very easy to read 'overview' diagram. Recommended

BBC (4 day) forecast - hour by hour detailed forecast (with Humidity forecast)

UK Weather.com - very good detail up to midnight today (down to 15 min intervals !), but no 'detail' for tomorrow (other than as part of the day by day forecast for the next 10 days)

Meteoblue numerical forecast for United Kingdom - UK cloud map. Current weather forecast 1Hr intervals, 7 day forecast at 3Hr intervals, basic (day by day) 14 day forecast (but good rain indicator)

Meteosurf - Cloud Cover over Europe (French language site)

Sat24.com - Real-time satellite images

Bracknell astro-Information - Astro facts for today, including rain (radar) map for UK, but no actual weather forecast

Met Office satellite IR images - Latest UK Infra-Red satellite images

Met Office weather charts - European (surface pressure) weather chart

Weather Charts.org - UK Jet stream chart

Weather.com - cloud cover today for UK with very basic forecast (single datum) for next 10 days.

Sunrise & sunset times

Time & date .com Sunrise & set times (London) for the next 7 days (need to search for rest of this month)

Where we go after the clouds draw in

If you arrive at one of our events to find 100% cloud and not a MAS member in sight, most likely we will be found crying into our beer at the Shire Horse, SL6 3QA = along the A4 Bath Rd. toward Reading (on the left, about half a mile after you pass over the A404)