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Contacting Maidenhead Astronomical Society

Contact MAS

  General enquiries and Event Registration  

This form is intended for general enquiries and Event Registration by the public - and especially for requests to the 'Events and Outreach Team' who will be happy to turn out and support activities in the Maidenhead and surrounding area (see Event Reports for our most recent activities).

For Membership enquiries (joining, fees etc) please use the Joining MAS email form.

For web site enquiries (spelling errors, dead links, members forgotten passwords etc) please use the MAS Webmaster email form.

Members may log-in to the Members Only section for direct access to the addresses of the committee members. Note that members should only send us mail from the eMail account they 'registered' with us when joining (mail sent to Committee members from a non-Member address is automatically deleted without notification by the 'junk mail' filters). NOTE 'unconfirmed' AOL user addresses are often 'marked' by AOL themselves as 'junk' (they are setting X-SPAM-FLAG=YES) = we take their word for it and 'drop' any we receive. If you are an AOL user and we are ignoring you, please contact AOL (or use some other email provider).

A copy of your message will be sent to your own email address.
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Please do not try to exceed the input box size (email Address and Subject are limited to 50 characters each, the Message to 200 characters). Please use only "normal" text (although special characters and html (or other) "mark up" is removed before being passed onto our mail system, things like ALL CAPITAL LETTERS can still result in your message being rejected as spam (sorry))
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The Captcha consists of lowercase letters or numbers only. If you can't read the Captcha, "Refresh" the page (or leave the box empty and click "Submit") and we will send you another one

Data Protection. The data you enter is processed 'on the fly' and either discarded or passed to the MAS email server (it is not 'saved' on the website). The MAS email server may hold your message in a temporary queue whilst it awaits processing. After processing it is removed from the queue and either discarded or mailed to one or more members of the MAS committee (it is not stored on the mail server). You agree that members of the MAS committee may save your email address (and the contents of this and subsequent messages) to their personal computers for the sole purpose of dealing with your enquiry. Upon your request, your messages and your email address will be deleted. We take the security of your data very seriously and use our very best efforts to prevent your address falling into the hands of 'spammers'. We trust you will do the same with ours