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Random tip: DSLR's are good for deep-sky imaging, web-cams best for planetary imaging.LookingUp logo
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  Members Annual Photo Competition 2022  

Postponed from 2020 due to Covid. Entries are now open for the 2022 competition. You have to be a member to enter. Further details on the Photo Competition page and in the Members section. If you have problems logging in, contact the Membership Sec. or Webmaster


  MEMBERS see MAS LOGO Fleeces  


  Next Months Meeting  

  Friday, 7th October 2022    The Lunar 100    (Dr Lilian Hobbs)  

We have now moved back to indoor meetings (starting with the September 2021 meeting). These run from 7.30 to 10pm in the Church Hall, St James-the-Less, Stubbings, Maidenhead, SL6 6QW (for directions, see our About & Contact page)

Meetings are normally on the first Friday of the month, September to June. There are no indoor meetings in July or August (unless indicated)

Beginners and visitors are always welcome at our indoor meetings (you don't have to join, however a £2 contribution toward the costs of the hall hire would be most welcome !)

To contact the society between meetings, please complete the on-line General Enquiry form

If you would like to receive, by email, advanced notification of our free public events, or you would like further information about the Society please use the Enquiry form mentioned above - or just turn up at any meeting and speak to any member of the Committee.

We also have a page on the Maidenhead Arts Council web site (where you will find details of other local clubs and societies if, for some inexplicable reason, Astronomy fails to fire your imagination and seize your interest :-) )


  This seasons meetings  

(download printable guide PDF )

  Friday, 2nd September 2022

  InfraRed Astronomy   (Dr Eric Dunford)  

  Friday, 3rd February 2023

  The Galaxy without a dark side   (Barry Kellett)  

  Friday, 7th October 2022

  The Lunar 100   (Dr Lilian Hobbs)  

  Friday, 3rd March 2023

  TBA   ( )  

  Friday, 4th November 2022

  Exploration of Jupiter   (Dr Mike Legett)  

  Friday, 7th April 2023

  TBA   ( )  

  Friday, 2nd December 2022

  Xmas Social and Quiz   (set by members)  

  Friday, 5th May 2023

  Pioneers of spectroscopy   (Jack Martin)  

  Friday, 6th January 2023

  Telescope Parade   (by members)  

  Friday, 2nd June 2023

  MAS 66th AGM   (Annual General Meeting)  

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Members :- Please log-in to the Members Only section for details of our next members only Event


  Next Public Event  

25 Oct 2022 Partial Solar Eclipse

25 October 2022, 09:57, partial Solar Eclipse of which only 16% is visible from UK
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See our Events page for more information about all our Events
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Photo: Members of MAS gather to observe the transit of Mercury
Monday, 9 May 2016: Transit of Mercury, members of MAS gathered in Ockwells Park to show the Transit to the public. For more details, see report on Events page
WARNING: never look at the Sun through a normal telescope !!
Doing so, WILL BLIND YOU !!!


  Most recent Event Report  

Details of all our planned and past activities can be found on the Events pages.
Note that Outreach events are not usually open to the public, so are reported here only AFTER the event (Members can see planned Outreach dates in the Members Only section, Activity planning pages)

3 Sep 2022 Cookham Regatta

Saturday, September 3rd 2022 - Cookham Regatta 2022 Present (at various times):- Andy T, Adrian J, Alan C, Dave M, Lesley M, Robin O, Arthur W, Jim H, Sid H, Matt L, Percy K, Tony T, Des O'K, Isabella D.
Report By Andy T.
MAS stand at Cookham Regatta on 03 September 2022 The day started early with Robin and Andy arriving at Cookham Moor around 08:30 to find our pitch. Lesley arrived soon after with the society’s untried, except for a dummy run at one of our Friday meetings, gazebo. After a couple of small problems our shelter for the day was erected and we were able to unload Robin’s car and get organised. Photo: ../Outreach_&_Events/photos/2022-09-03-Cookham-IMG_7631.jpg
The gazebo was located at the north end of our pitch to allow the telescopes to look south for solar viewing. Dave M. arrived with two solar set ups although conditions did not prove favourable for H-alpha viewing.
Photo right by Lesley M.

Photo: ../Outreach_&_Events/photos/2022-09-03_Cookham-sunspot.jpg
The sun was shining before Regatta start time and we were able to use Adrian D’s mobile phone attachment to take a few photos of the sun.
Photo Andy T.

Photo: ../Outreach_&_Events/photos/2022-09-03_Cookham-telescope-Robin-Jim.jpg
Robin set up his refractor to project an image of the sun onto a screen and we were able to see a couple of sunspots.
Photo Andy T.

Photo: ../Outreach_&_Events/photos/2022-09-03-Cookham-IMG_7632.jpg
Once the event started the clouds rolled in and only gave us a few brief glimpses of the sun, so the mobile phone pictures proved most useful in a "here is one I prepared earlier" mode.
Photo left by Lesley M.

Photo: ../Outreach_&_Events/photos/2022-09-03-Cookham-IMG_7633.jpg
In addition to the telescopes, we had our usual display boards with a wide range of pictures and posters that proved interesting to many visitors. We also had some branded products from the Institute of Physics (IoP) and all young visitors were able to leave with a pen, pencil, rubber and an IoP furry red blob. We also gave away packs of physics experiment cards that could be used at home by parents and grandparents with their young family members. Copies of a booklet called "Understanding Our World" also proved popular and everyone who stopped to talk with us took away a MAS business card.
Photo right by Lesley M.

Photo: ../Outreach_&_Events/photos/2022-09-03-Cookham-IMG_7630.jpg
As well as those already named there were several other members of MAS helping. Isabella D, Jim H, Sid H, Alan C and Percy K all gave up their time to talk to our visitors.
Photo left by Lesley M.

A rough estimate put the number of cards handed out at 50. Most visitors came in family groups so we probably got to talk with around 150 to 200 people. Many of these expressed an interest in visiting one of our meetings. It will be interesting to see how many visitors we get in October and November. By 16:00 the crowds were starting to disperse and the job of packing up began. Cars were not allowed back on site until 17:00 so it was another half an hour before we were all clear of the site. A long but both successful and interesting day.
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  Laser Pens  

Maidenhead Astronomical Society may use Laser Pens as a pointer during outreach events and talks. Any such use will comply with our Laser Pen Policy, which may be downloaded from here (.pdf)

Essentially, only responsible adults pre-approved by MAS are allowed to use a pointer at an outreach event. Children under the age of 18 and non-approved adults are not be allowed to use the laser pen at any time. Any member of the public bringing their own device (without pre-approval) is asked not to use it during one of our events (and will be asked to leave if they are not willing to comply with this request).



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Benefactors and Supporters

Maidenhead Lions, Platinum Award (2022, celebrating the Queen's 70 years on the throne)
O2 goto our O2 award report page
Baylis Trust Cash-for-the-community
Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (Lottery Grant)
RBWM-Education Directorate
Mr B.Smith of Shottesbrooke
Mrs P.Haymes
The Telegraph newspaper
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